‘Chomdao’ and ‘Chomduean’, simply translated mean ‘Looking for the Stars’ and ‘Looking for the Moon’.

These two magnificent Thai Suites are steeped in history, culture and custom. Just spending a few nights in this unique, beautifully restored, Ayutthayan Style Thai house will give you an insight into the true meaning of Thai tradition and culture.

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The Chomdao and Chomduean Thai Suites each have a separate bedroom and living room. In the living room, an outsized abstract painting in red and gold contrasts beautifully with the dark teak walls, tastefully illuminated by carefully positioned wall and floor lamps.

A foulard with ancient pictorial art decorates the bedrooms teak-wood walls. The antique tester-bed was previously displayed at the Bang-Pa-In Royal Palace, in the former Thai capital of Ayutthaya.The bathroom is tiled in sandstone with a specially designed ‘salty egg’ shaped hand basin. The paintings on the bathroom doors are done by a local artist from Maenam in the Ayutthayan period style and are perfect examples of traditional Thai artistry. The detail shown represents a stalk of rice as well as various animals, symbolising the abundance of nature in Thailand.

A sliding glass door in combination with a large terrace provides ventilation and offers relief from the hot and humid climate.